Hero Splendor iSmart On Road Price in Pune

We have given Hero Splendor iSmart On Road Price in Pune with details about tax and other charges. Now Hero Splendor iSmart’s booking is open for all. Hero has launched iSmart with some new exciting features such as i3s technology engine, Advanced Techno Graphics, Automatic Power start, APDV Engine and Tubeless tyres.

Hero Splendor iSmart On Road Price in Pune

Ex-showroom Price: Rs. 47,846

RTO + Road Tax + Others: Rs.  3,509

Insurance: Rs. 1,470

On- Road price: Rs. 52,825

Body Balance Technology in TVS Wego Scooter

Here we are trying to provide information on Body Balance Technology in TVS Wego Scooter. First time in India TVS has launched 110cc scooter with Body Balance Technology for more comfortable ride. This technology helps to balance scooter in heavy traffic as well as on worst roads. This feature can help mainly to women and can remove fear of driving scooter in city or on bumpy roads.


Movement (Manoeuvers) with ease in heavy traffic

This new feature of Body Balance Technology can help to ride scooter smoothly in heavy traffic without extra efforts.

Brakes firmly and stands straight

We have experienced this feature of TVS Wego practically and really impressed.

Ride that is steady and stable

Steadyness and stability is an important point for comfortable ride.

Turn easily in the tightest corners

Generally we feel scooters are not suitable for quick turn or shortest turn but Body Balance technology makes it possible. Now you can enjoy ride with easy turns even in the tightest corners.

Stays in straight line on uneven roads

Uneven and bumpy roads are the main hurdle while driving any scooters due to its tyre size and suspension quality. Body balance technology can help to reduce the chances of imbalance on such roads.

Front centre of gravity

Centre of Gravity helps for static structure.

Designed for every body

Now your body structure will not affect on  comfortable ride of scooter. Body balance technology ensures balance and comfortable ride for every body structure.

Body weight well distributed

Body Balance Technology makes proper distribution of your body weight for greater balance and control.

Takes two without a wobble

Now you both can enjoy comfortable ride.

Tips to increase mileage of bike

Tips to increase mileage of bike

Many of Two Wheeler are worried for Mileage of Bike and the main question after purchasing bike is ” How to increase Mileage of Bike.” This post will give you simple tips to increase mileage of your bike.  Due to increases prices of petrol bike mileage is becoming an important factor for all Two wheeler companies.

These tips can be used for any bike including 100cc, 150cc or 180cc or even more capacity engine bikes. You can get optimize mileage by maintaining health of bike properly.

Factors to be considered

>> Servicing Frequency (Time to time servicing)

>> Engine Performance

>> Engine Capacity (CC)

>> Weight of bike

>> Pressure of Tube (Tyre)

>> Driving Style

You can use these simple tips to increase mileage of your bike.

>> Oil Change

Change engine oil as per the manufacturer’s instructions time to time. It will help engine to run smoothly.

Use good quality and high performance engine oil.

>> Quality of Petrol

Try to use good quality and pure petrol to get extra mileage. Even you can use xtramile or speed petrol or any other petrol which is for extra mileage.

>> Signals: Switch off engine

It’s better to switch off engine during long traffic signals or idle time or during other waiting times.

>> Tube’s Pressure

Check air pressure in tubes regularly. Maintain recommended pressure or more  to get good mileage. Its better to keep optimum (not maximum) pressure in tube. It will reduce tyre friction and improves mileage.

>> Reduce weight of Bike

It’s possible to reduce weight of bike by removing some idle or unnecessary parts. If there is no use of Saree guard, you can remove it. If you have bikebox, or some additional parts just for decoration,  it will reduce mileage, so remove that parts also.

>> Warm up 

Let the engine warm up before taking ride. Wait for some seconds or a minute to warm up engine. It will improve lubrication and smoothness.

>> Over Acceleration

Don’t accelerate to much in lower gears. Try to keep proper acceleration for gear. Over acceleration can lead to over use of oil / fuel and will reduce mileage.

>> Speed

Speed also affects on mileage of bike. Its better to keep 40 to 50 kmph or economy speed to get more mileage. If possible, try to keep constant speed.

>> Avoid frequent Brakes

Try to avoid frequent brakes. If you use brakes  frequently without any reasons, it will reduce mileage. Its not necessary to brake every time to slow down the bike.

>> Clean Air filters and Carburetor regularly

Clean air filters attached to the carburetor at least once in a month. Clean and tune the carburetor properly to increase bike’s performance.

>> Set Timing

Set proper timing of bike to avoid extra race/ acceleration. It will reduce pick up of bike but help to get more mileage.

>> Maintenance of Wheel Bearing

Maintenance of wheel bearing can reduce friction and helps to increase mileage.

>> Adjust Chain

Don’t drive bike with loose chain. It will reduce the fuel efficiency.

>> Bike parking

Try to park bike in shade area.

>> Right Gear Shifts

Right gear shifts and Right RPM can increase you bike’s mileage. Don’t suddenly drop from higher gears to lower gears.

>> Choke

Don’t put the choke for a too long time as it may fill the engine with fuel and can reduce the mileage.

I hope these tips can help to increase mileage of your bike. Please use comment box to share your experience, knowledge or tips about this topic.

Electric bikes in India with price

Electric bikes in India with price

This is a list of all electric bikes in India with their price, features, specifications, fuel efficiency or mileage, max. speed etc. Along with this, we are trying to provide information of availability of bikes, dealers locations and service centers.

Ampere Abhi

Ampere Aditi

Ampere Adya

Ampere Angel

Ampere Bobo

Ampere Bobo retro

Ampere Prince

Ampere Trisul

Ampere V60

Ampere Visva DD

Avon E Bike

Avon E bike VX

Avon E lite

Avon E Magic

Avon E mate

Avon E Plus

Avon E Scoot

BSA Hercules Thunderbolt

Price Rs. 19350

BSA Electra

BSA Street rider

Price Rs. 31000

BSA Fusion

Price Not available

BSA Smile

Price Rs. 25600

BSA Diva

Rs. 31000

BSA Roamer

Price Rs. 32500

BSA Roamer Plus

Price Rs. 34500

BSA Roamer+

Eko Strike

Eko Hybrid


Rs. 21000

Eko Cosmic I

Price Rs. 23000

Enigma Intense

Price Rs. 28500

Enigma Muscular

Price Rs. 30000

Enigma Crescent

Rs. 31500




GENXT Evera+

GoGreenBov PM004

Hero Electric Maxi

Hero Electric Optima Plus

Hero Electric Wave DX

Hero Electric Zion

Hero Electric Cruz

Hero Electric E Sprint (High Speed Model)

Hero Electric Photon

Kabirdass K100LA

Kabirdass K101LA

Kabirdass K102LA

Kabirdass K103LA


Lectrix e1

Lectrix eStar

Lohia Fame

Lohia Genius

Lohia OMA Star

SavvyGo Larsa

SavvyGo Leric

SavvyGo Aettra

Ultra Motors A2B Velociti Hybrid 24

Ultra Motors A2B Hybrid 26

Ultra Motors A2B Metro

Ultra Motors Fast4ward Edge

Ultra Motors Fast4ward Peak

Ultra Motors Fast4ward Ride 36

Yo Spark

Price NA

Yo Style

Price NA

Yo Xplor

Price NA

Yo ElectronER

Price NA

Yo ExL

Price NA

List of all 150cc Bikes in India

Two wheeler companies are launching more powerful bikes in India with better technology, Mileage, Suspension, Look, and service. If you are looking for a list of 150cc bike in India and want to analyse all options available in Indian market, then you are at the right place. Here we are trying to provide a comprehensive list of almost all 150cc Bikes available in India.

Please note: This is just list of 150cc Bikes  with their features and Specification in brief (These are not Rankings). For Rankings see another article on this site ‘Best 150cc bikes in India’. You can share your experience about your bike by using comment box.

Honda CB Unicorn

Best Mileage with Powerful Engine

(Mileage Approx. 50 to 62 Kmpl)

Brand Name of Honda

Sophisticated, Stylish bike

Price: Rs. 70000 Approx.

Hero CBZ Xtreme

Trust of Hero

Stylish Bike with elgant design

Good Mileage ( Approx. 40 to 55)

Bajaj Pulsar 150

India’s best selling Sport Bike

Sporty yet sophisticated & Professional

Good Mileage (Approx. 48 to 60 Kmpl)

Hero Impulse

This is new bike launched by Hero (in 2011)

Sporty and Unique Design

High Torque ATFT Engine

High Ground Clearance

Very Good Suspension

Digital Meter

Hero Achiever

Again Same Engine (Impulse)

Best in class Mileage

Design is not so attractive

Not looking a 150cc bike

Some colors are very good to look

Name of Hero Motors

Hero Hunk

Again same features with different design

Bajaj Discover 150

If you are looking for Mileage as well as Poerful engine, then new Discover 150 DTSi will be a good option for you.

This is just extended part of the successful series Discover.

Yamaha FZ S

153 cc Bike ,

Stylish and very good looking – European International Design

Very Good Suspension

Yamaha Fazer

Popular Bike

Style Satement

Triple MAcho Design

Twin Headlights

Wide Stylish Tyres for better ride

Yamaha Technology

Wind Protection Design

Monocross Suspension

YAMAHA FZ 6, Yamaha FZ R, 

Another good bikes with 153 cc from Yamaha

Yamaha SZ and SZ X

Stylish yet sophisticated and professionally designed bike

Designed for optimum performance and mileage

TVS Apache RTR FI 160

This is a 160cc Bike.